About 1:15am on Saturday 911 dispatchers starter taking multiple calls for a large fire at Mooney Road and US 59 in Northeast Harris County. First units on the scene reported a pallet company on fire with heavy flames and started to call for additional resources. The closest fire hydrant was 2000 feet away which one engine was able to connect to to supply a ladder truck on the northside of the fire to assist protecting other buildings. As Westfield Fire Department set up their ladder truck, dump tanks were set up on the freeway to supply water to that truck. With flames moving closer the water finally started to flow. Tankers from Westfield, Aldine, Klein, Cypress Creek, Little York, Porter, East Montgomery County, South Montgomery County, Spring and Sheldon Road Fire Departments filled at a hydrant at Hopper and US 59 and transported water back to the tanks. It was close to 3 hours to bring the fire under control. By that point the truck at the north end of the blaze had depleted the area water supply leaving residents with no water pressure. The tankers had already moved over 60,000 gallons of water by 5am.

THe owner of Guy’s Pallet Company who was not on location stared in disbelief as the pallets were reduced to rubble. During the blaze several propane tank explosions could be heard including those on the foklifts. The company trucks were also destroyed. She said they had been in business for one year and were just getting ready to insure the property now most is lost. She said the company buys and sells pallets, they also build new ones and repair them. They had 5 employees. In addition to the business being destroyed, the car business next door lost or had damage to over twenty vehicles, a house on the auto lot property was also leveled.
Harris County Deputies were kept busy trying to keep traffic moving on the freeway as hundreds were stopping in the moving lanes to take photos. As lease two crashes happened during that time.
The flames could be seen from Loop 610 and US 59.


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